Bill Maher mocks cell phone-obsessed Pope Francis fans: 'Never turn your back on a priest'
'Real Time' host Bill Maher discusses fans of Pope Francis' insistence on having their cell phones out on Oct. 9, 2015. [YouTube]

While railing against what he called an obsession with cell phones in general on Friday, Real Time host Bill Maher was particularly irked that young fans of Pope Francis marked his visit by taking pictures and "selfies."

"Someone should've told those kids, you're never gonna get another chance to actually meet this man," Maher argued. "And also, for God's sake kids, never turn your back on a priest."

Maher also displayed a photo of fans lining the streets holding up their phones to take pictures of the pontiff as he passed through.

"They've got maybe 10 seconds to actually see their hero," he said of the crowd. "And they're choosing to give that up to view him through a phone. Gosh, if there only existed some sort of profession whose job it was to take great photos of big events so that you could enjoy the moment. We could call them photo-graphers."

He also slammed people caught taking "selfies" during what should be big moments, like trying to avoid being gored by a bull or during their own wedding ceremony.

"There's a photographer standing right behind you," he said to the couple. "Can't you put your phone away and be fully present for this? You're getting married. It might be the last time you look into each others' eyes and smile."

However, Maher said, his disgust with the "selfie" phenomenon was not because of his age.

"I understand it. It's not hard to understand," he insisted. "It's just f*cking stupid."

Watch Maher's commentary, as posted online on Friday, below.