Bill Maher: Repubs saying they'll 'simplify' the tax code really mean they want the rich to pay less
Bill Maher delivers his monologue on 'Real Time' on Feb. 20, 2015. [YouTube]

Real Time host Bill Maher rejected conservatives' claim that they want a simpler tax code on his show's blog.

"When you hear a Republican say he's going to 'simplify the tax code' all they're saying is 'I'm going to cut rich people's taxes.' That's it," he wrote. "Under the guise of simplifying something that doesn't need simplifying, they're going to cut the rates on top earners, which will end up amounting to way, way more in dollar terms than any other cut anyone else gets."

Maher specifically criticized GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush's tax proposal, which would cut the number of tax brackets from seven to three.

While the former Florida governor has argued that this would simplify the tax code, Maher wrote, his proposal doesn't contend with the actual complex part of the code -- the "thousands of pages of loopholes and credits" that can only be understood by accountants.

Republicans, he said, only want to cut tax rates for the richest Americans without touching any loophole that "rich people with lawyers and accountants" can access. He also proposed a test for any GOP tax proposal.

"Ask them to name a single loophole they would cut," Maher wrote. "Trust me, this test will never fail to produce a plan that funnels money to the wealthiest Americas and doesn’t address the complexity in the tax code."