Dem mocks GOP speaker chaos with hilarious Craigslist ad seeking ‘babysitter for irrational people’
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Following GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's decision to not run for Speaker of the House, a Democratic House lawmaker mocked the complete disarray the Republicans find themselves in by running a Craigslist ad seeking a babysitter with experience dealing with "irrational people" to lead the party.

Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) tweeted out an image of the mocking ad, writing: "It seems like we’re having a hard time finding the next Speaker, so I created a Craigslist ad to boost our search. "

Takano was referring to McCarthy -- once considered a shoo-in to be the next House Speaker -- who stepped aside after getting push-back from the hard right Freedom Caucus, saying he thought his selection might be too divisive.

According to Takano's mock ad seeking a Speaker of the House: " Are you an American citizen? Do you have experience negotiating hostage situations? Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Then this job is for you!"

Listed among the responsibilities to lead the House is:

  • "Keeping government open"
  • "Managing multiple investigative committees aimed at attacking Hillary Clinton"


  • "Explaining to the 'Freedom Caucus' the concepts of compromise and democratic governance"

Responsibilities to include:

  • "Proven ability to work with irrational people who pursue narrow priorities at the expense of millions of others"
  • "Proficiency in Word, Excel and Power Point"

and, most importantly

  • "Babysitting experience STRONGLY PREFERRED"

In an additional dig at the floundering Republicans, Takano requests that all resumes be sent to: "TheNextFrankUnderwood [at] gmail [dot] com" -- a reference to the fictional manipulative Southern politician on the Netflix show House of Cards.

Takano also retweeted out a post from fellow Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel (NY) mocking the GOP chaos.

See both tweets below: