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Driving while brown: KY prosecutor ripped for saying being Hispanic is probable cause for arrest



A Kentucky prosecutor is taking heat after saying that being Hispanic is reason enough for a police officer to pull over a motorist for questioning, reports the Courier-Journal.

In courtroom video, Oldham County Attorney John K. Carter is seen standing before the bench of District Judge Diana Wheeler as attorneys discuss a traffic ticket given to Mauro Martinez for allegedly speeding.

Assistant County Attorney Travis Combs can be heard saying the defense claims Martinez was “stopped because he was Hispanic.”  Carter, who was standing next to Combs, can be heard adding, “That’s probable cause.”

“I’m going to act like I didn’t hear that,” Martinez attorney Dawn Elliott immediately interjected.

“I am too,” Judge Wheeler said.

Carter, a Republican who has been the Oldham County attorney since 2011, claims he was not talking about the man’s racial background, stating, “I never made any reference to the ethnicity of the defendant. And you won’t find it anywhere on the tape.”


Defense attorney Elliott disagrees, telling reporters, “Clearly he had an opportunity to clear that up on the record over 24 hours ago, but now there’s buzz about it. My reaction and the judge’s reaction speaks for itself. We certainly interpreted him talking about probable cause for my client’s ethnicity.”

According to the speeding citation given to Martinez — who is Guatemalan — police did not specify how fast he was going when he was pulled over.

Combs, who is prosecuting Martinez, claims the local police do not racially profile suspects.

Watch video below of the court room exchange:

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2020 Election

Bill Maher ‘Real Time’ panel details why Trump will lose in what will be the ‘dirtiest election ever’



A discussion on the "Overtime" segment of HBO's Real Time on who will come out ahead in the upcoming Democratic debates turned to the general 2020 election which was described as likely becoming the "dirtiest ever."

With conservative George Will seeing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a standout candidate, comedian Martin Short threw his support behind South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

"He is incapable of anything coming out of his mouth that isn't impressive, " Short said of the Democratic mayor. "He's going to be phenomenal on television."

"Do you think he can beat Trump? " asked conservative columnist Bari Weiss.

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Bill Maher demands we bring back ‘confession signs’ for people like Sean Hannity and Vladimir Putin



The host of "Real Time" on HBO said it is time to bring back "confession signs" for people to publicly confess their sins.

Bill Maher noted a news story of a mother who made her daughter hold a sign reading "I lied" while standing by a busy intersection.

Maher imaged in catching on.

He showed a photoshopped image of Fox News pesonality Sean Hannity holding a sign reading, "When Trump farts, I say 'that was me.'"

He showed an image of Sen. Lindsy Graham (R-SC) holding a sign reading, "I'm straight."

Melania Trump's sign read, "my secret plan is that, in the end, I will sit on the Iron Throne."

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Watch Bill Maher’s hilarious Father’s Day message to Republicans in the ‘Daddy Party’ in the age of Trump



HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher presented a hilarious Father's Day message to Republicans on Friday.

"This is not a personal attack on Trump as an actual father, he clearly has a supportive, loving relationship with one-fifth of his children," he said, displaying a picture of the president and Ivanka Trump.

Maher said people at MAGA rallies believe, "Trump is the strict father America needs."

"They really do see him as a father figure," he noted, citing statements by Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Kanye West.

"As for those of us just trying to survive in this American family, we have to come to terms with the reality that the 'Daddy Party' is the 'A**hole Dad Party' now," he argued.

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