Oops! Read a Christian doomsday cult's excuse for why the world didn't end as they predicted

Is there a bigger P.R. headache than failing to accurately predict the end of the world?

The E-bible fellowship, which prophesied the end times on October 7th, has issued a helpful FAQ explaining why all of Creation wasn't pulverized into oblivion last Wednesday.

Dear friends,

For some time now E Bible Fellowship (and myself) have been looking towards October 7th as the likely end of the world. We believed there was a strong likelihood that God would complete His judgment and bring about the world’s destruction on that day. There was much biblical information pointing to this date and we freely shared it with all. Yet, consistently stressing throughout the entire time period that the world ending on that date was a “strong likelihood.” Since it is now October 8th it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th.

In case you thought God spared your loved ones from violent, gruesome deaths due to their inherent goodness, WRONG.
The world today is populated by a generation of people that has outdone all past generations for wickedness. It tends to view a “passed date” for its end as some sort of victory and celebrates it as though it means it will now never end. And yet, the truth is that the world is in its death throes. A date of destruction given to the world (like October 7th, 2015) is like a man with a terminal disease that was given a short time to live his Dr. The man passes the 6 months (or year) he was told. Yet the prognosis hasn’t changed. He’s still terminally ill. It’s still certain he will die from his disease. It’s just a matter of when that remains in question.

What's next for the group?

Plan B (what will E Bible Fellowship do next?)

Some times people ask: what’s your back up plan? What are you going to do now that the world did not end on October 7th?

Our answer has always been: we intend to keep reading and studying the Bible! Going back to the Word of God seeking truth is plan b, c, d, e, and every other option as well.

Too bad all that passion for the End Times isn't being funnelled into alarm over, say ... climate change?

H/t Gawker.