RNC Special Victims’ Unit: Here are 11 hilarious new shows NBC should air against the GOP debates

The Republican National Committee on Friday announced it would suspend its February debate hosted by NBC, because as chair Reince Priebus wrote, the party was unhappy about so-called "gotcha" questions asked by CNBC moderators in Colorado on Wednesday. However, Priebuss promised a debate will still be held on the scheduled date -- somehwere.

The staff at Raw Story hopes -- but doubts -- NBC will call their bluff by programming against the debate. Here are some show ideas we believe are guaranteed to steal audiences.

1. Sarah Palin’s Naked ‘Shootin’ Guns and Stuff'

A bodacious one-hour star-studded spectacular! Watch everyone's favorite former Alaskan governor and her NRA pals as they romp nude from one gun range to the next.

2. Monster Truck Rasslin’

The biggest, baddest monster trucks show who’s boss. Special appearance by guns. And an American bald eagle. And Jesus.

3. One Broke Pundit

Hilarious hijinks ensue when a down on her luck Ann Coulter is forced to take a job at a Taco Bell. Co-stars Rosie Perez, Luis Guzman, and special appearance by Sofía Vergara as 'The District Manager'.(English subtitles)

4. NBC’s NFL on Debate Night

A special NFL show featuring highlights and analysis and a preview of the night’s contest between the game’s biggest stars.

5. RNC: Special Victims Unit

Remaining GOP candidates complain about "gotcha" debate questions that don't involve "favorite color" or whether "pizza is good."

6. NBC News exclusive: Obama’s resignation speech

President Barack Obama announces his resignation and reveals he will return to Kenya.

7. Seinfeld Reunion

Jerry gets stuck waiting in line for the new iPhone after Kramer accidentally destroys his old one.

8. I’m Not Racist, But...

Contestants compete to explain how they are not racist in order to win valuable prizes and trips to Branson. Stars Paula Deen, Ted Nugent, Mel Gibson, and the entire staff of National Review.

9. The Apprentice: A-list celebrity edition

Donald Trump returns to NBC to boss around George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Will Smith.

10. The Big Bang Theory 

Host Bristol Plain explains birth control methods including "holding your breath during sex" and "praying to Jesus afterwards"

11. Politically Correct with Mike Huckabee

A new spin-off of the popular cable talk show lets guests say what they’re REALLY thinking about “the gays.”