Road-raging Georgia man follows teens home and threatens them with a machete
Timothy Foos

A Georgia father with a "pleasant personality" is accused of following two teenagers home and threatening them with a machete in a road rage incident.

Police said 44-year-old Timothy Foos got into an argument with the teens last week while driving in Roswell, and he started following the teens, reported WSB-TV.

“They ended up calling their parents and letting them know what was going on,” said Officer Zachary Frommer, of Roswell police. “They went towards the house, and when they got home, the parents came out and the subject came out with a machete.”

The teens' mother recorded the Oct. 6 incident on her cell phone, and she turned over that video to police -- along with the machete-wielding man's license plate number.

Police arrested Foos this week and charged him with aggravated assault.

“We always say with these road-rage incidents that they can go bad real quick,” Frommer said. “Something simple in traffic can escalate very, very quickly.”

A neighbor told WSB that the incident was out of character for Foos, who he said "always (had) a pleasant personality" and "takes care of his daughter."

“I can say nothing but goodness about the gentleman,” said neighbor Don Mirtschink.

An attorney for Foos declined to comment on the charges.

A Georgia woman was seriously wounded Monday afternoon when another driver opened fire on her car during an unrelated road rage incident in nearby DeKalb County.

Watch this video report posted online by WSB-TV: