Trump compares black activists to ISIS terrorists in incoherent Bernie Sanders attack ad
Asked why years ago he obtained a concealed weapons permit, Trump told the CBS program "Face the Nation": "Because I like to have myself protected." (AFP Photo/Dominick Reuter)

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to be eyeing potential competitors in the general election, even though each party's candidates haven't yet been announced.

In a brief but very macho ad posted to his Instagram account, the real estate mogul known for making racist and sexist comments went after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is a Democratic contender, Business Insider reports.

The brief ad starts with images of an ISIS member pointing a knife into the camera, then cuts to an August rally where Black Lives Matter activists took the mic away from Sanders to deliver their message.

"Bernie can't even defend his own microphone. How will he defend the country," the ad implores, as circus music plays.

Trump is hardly the one to take the first swing at Sanders. The Vermont senator has made jokes about the reality show billionaire. During the Tuesday night debate, Sanders gave Trump good reason to want to avoid a Sanders victory.

"Well, let me tell you, Donald Trump and his billionaire friends under my policies are going to pay a hell of a lot more in taxes in the future than they're paying today," Sanders said, according to Business Insider. He lambasted wealth inequality in the United States and said he would expand social welfare programs and fund it by making rich people pay more.

Last month he chided Trump's "weird" anti-vaxxer views. In August, he made fun of Trump at an Iowa state fair. Trump had his private helicopter and was taking kids on rides in it.

“Oh there’s Donald Trump, what can we do,” Sanders had said mid-sentence. “I apologize, we left the helicopter at home. It’s in the garage, forgot to bring it.”

Watch the ad, as posted to Trump's Instagram account, here:

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