Utter annihilation: Facebook goes nuclear when deli owner responds to bad review with racist tirade
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An Idaho deli is receiving a flood of negative reviews and anger after the business owner unleashed a racist tirade on a customer that left a negative review, the Idaho Press-Tribune reports.

Jesse Lopez-Gonzalez told the paper he wanted to try a sandwich from AJ's Deli in Nampa, a town in western Idaho. He ordered it to go, then changed his mind and asked the server if he could dine in instead. Lopez-Gonzalez said the employee gave him attitude because the sandwich was already boxed up.

"He puts it on the counter, and I’m just like ‘Hey, you know, I wanted to eat it here,’” Lopez-Gonzalez told the Press-Tribune. “And then he’s like, well it’s already in the box, and then I’m just like OK. I told him, ‘Hey, you need to calm down, you don’t need to give me an attitude.’”

The exchange prompted him to give the business a one-star review on their company Facebook page. Gonzalez-Lopez said he didn't write any message with the rating. So he was surprised when the business owner responded with, "Sorry I don't serve taco or burrito, this is a deli not a Mexican restaurant , but even if I make taco or burrito? I wouldn't serve u sorry punk as b-tch."

The owner then goes on the call Gonzalez-Lopez a racial slur often used against Latinos and went so far as to physically threaten Gonzalez-Lopez after he merely responded with a note about the owner's lack of professionalism.

After the story hit the media, AJ's Facebook page got 233 one-star reviews -- the lowest rating, as opposed to 26 five stars. KBOI2 reports Jesse's one-star review was the first and up till the owner's rant, the page didn't have many views.

"You are an arrogant person. The one time I ate there the food was terrible! I would choose a taco truck over your place any day!" Mandi wrote.

Racist uneducated ignorant infantile POS. No one asked you for a taco. Stop and apologize," Dana wrote.

"Obviously this owner has a racial issue, seems to think it's not going to have any effect on the business. Guess what? It's all over social media now," Doug wrote.

The owner would not comment when asked to by the Press-Tribune.

Social media consultant Blane Russell pointed out to KBOI how quickly social media posts can multiply.

"If you do a good job they'll tell two (people), and if you do a bad job they'll tell Facebook," Russell told the station. That seems to be exactly what happened. One prankster seems intent on taking things to the next level and started a Facebook group called "AJ's Gourmet Tacos."

"Due to recent events, this is for our loving Mexican supporter," the page reads. "Our plan, is to ask AJ if he has burritos or tacos. Bring as many people as we can to pack the place. And ask for a burrito or a taco. He serves the best in town. My favorite sub is the Trump White Meat, White bread, White provolone cheese with extra white mayo. And White onions."

Watch the report from KBOI here: