WATCH: Jeb Bush loses his cool when student 'dreamer' asks him about immigration at Koch brothers event
Dulce Valencia and Jeb Bush (Facebook)

Jeb Bush rudely brushed off a student's question about immigration during an event Wednesday at her college.

The Republican presidential candidate told students at the College of Southern Nevada that he favored immigration reform that included a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, reported the Las Vegas Sun.

"DREAM Act kids ought to be given the chance to earn citizenship, particularly if they serve in the military, graduate from high school," Bush said. "They can make a contribution as well."

One of those undocumented immigrants asked Bush to explain his position during a receiving line after the event, sponsored by the Libre Initiative -- which is bankrolled by the Koch brothers to help promote conservative values among Hispanic voters.

"I want to know your position about a path to citizenship," said student Dulce Valencia.

Bush told the student she had already heard his position, but she pressed for more details.

"I’m wondering why it's okay for your wife but not my parents," Valencia said. "Why do you want to just give them “legal status” -- what do you mean by that? Why not a path to citizenship?"

The former Florida governor told the student his wife, Colomba, had not come to the U.S. "illegally, so there's a difference."

"What’s the difference?" Valencia said. "You mentioned [citizenship] for 'dreamers,' but how about my parents?"

The GOP candidate turned away and looked for someone else to greet, but he looked over his shoulder to argue with Valencia when he found no hands to shake.

"I gave you my position," Bush said. "We talked about this before. Yes, I have -- just did. I believe in a path to legalized status for -- because I don’t think with 11 million people we’ll be able to get the consensus needed."

He thanked Valencia and turned away again and offered a pinched smile for a photograph with another group.

Watch the entire encounter posted online by Dulce Valencia:

Governor Jeb Bush came to College of Southern Nevada (where I go to school) for a public forum. I used this opportunity to ask him why he didn't support a pathway to citizenship for my parents. He attempted to ignore my question and even answered at one point,"My wife didn't come here illegally." Even though 40% of undocumented immigrants overstayed their Visas. This answer proves to me that even though he may speak Spanish, he doesn't stand with my family or my community.

Posted by Dulce Valencia on Wednesday, October 21, 2015