WATCH: NBC unveils promo for 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' based on the Duggar sex scandal
Josh Duggar, Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson on NBC's Law & Order: SVU

NBC released a teaser trailer Wednesday for an upcoming episode of their popular long-running crime show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that is loosely based upon the real-life molestation scandal involving the Duggar family.

Keeping with their history of stories "ripped from the headlines, " the Duggar family tale was inevitable for the Law & Order franchise devoted to sex crimes.

With the Duggar's 19 Kids And Counting TV show off the air after it was revealed that eldest son Josh had admitted to molesting several of his sisters when he was a teen, the Law & Order episode comes on the heels of a TLC special on childhood sexual abuse that starred two of the Duggar daughters.

Introduced as a "reality TV family's shocking scandal,"  the clip shows a squeaky-clean and very large all-American family as Det. Amanda Rollins explains, "One of their virgin daughters is knocked up, so there goes their TV show...."

The clip then cuts to their 13-year-old daughter before the mother of the Duggar-esque family tells Det. Olivia Benson, "We don't see it as a crime. We see it as a blessing."

The episode, titled "Patrimonial Burden" is slated to run Wednesday.

Watch the video below via YouTRube: