WATCH: Road-raging motorcyclist points gun at car -- and Georgia cops let him go
Image: Gun-waving motorcyclist caught on camera (Screen capture)

An angry motorcyclist who threatened another driver with a gun on a Georgia highway Sunday was allowed by the police to go free.

According to Atlanta's CBS Channel 46, a former police officer who filmed what appeared to be a clear case of road rage now wants to know why the gun-waving man wasn't charged.

The witness told Channel 46 that the motorcyclist was placing himself and the lives of everyone around him in danger.

"Drawing a firearm, in just about every case, should be an absolute last resort. It seems like it was this guy's first resort," he said.

The witness followed the cyclist, filming him with his dashboard camera while calling 911.

When police caught up with the motorcyclist, they briefly detained him, then removed his handcuffs and let him go.

"This guy is college-age. We know what just happened in Oregon. How do you not take a firearm out of the hand of a guy who's going to behave this way- who's going to act this reckless?" said the former cop.

When the witness asked why deputies from the Coweta County Sheriff's Office didn't arrest the motorcyclist, they offered vague excuses about the people in the other car not being in town on the court date.

"If I commit aggravated assault, if I point a weapon at people and threaten their lives on a public highway in broad daylight, and I don't even go to jail? I don't even get a ticket? They didn't even hang a citation on this guy. What do I have to do to get arrested in Coweta County?" the witness asked.

The Coweta County Sheriff's Office issued a statement that said:

"The initial report was made to Peachtree City Police this date by the victim flagging down one of their officers. After the victim called 911 and gave a description of suspect, the motorcycle and direction of travel, Peachtree City found a subject matching that description. Also a witness stopped and advised officers that he had gotten the incident on his personal dash cam . Upon viewing the video officers discovered the incident had happened in Coweta county and we were notified to assist. We spoke with witness and have the information on the suspect, but the victim told PTC police he needed to go home to Henry county and was not available for us to take a report/statement or to take a look at the suspect. All of our interviews were videoed and recorded and the investigation is continuing and we hope to have the victim in soon for his report."

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