WATCH: Stephen Colbert shares hilarious tips for carving the best Halloween pumpkin ever
Stephen Colbert's "Party Pumpkin" - (Late Show screenshot)

Saying "It combines my two favorite things: knives and faces," Late Show host Stephen Colbert shared a collection of innovative tips for carving your pumpkin to make it "Jack O' Mazing."

On a special Halloween edition of the show, Colbert dressed up "like a jackass" and offered up a video clip of various techniques to make your Halloween pumpkin special.

Among the offerings was brutally cutting a smile into the pumpkin's surface, a special woman's pumpkin with a face drawn on with lipstick and then lit with a burning tampon, and getting "the party started" with a hollowed-out pumpkin filled with vodka.

Watch the video below from The Late Show: