WATCH: Suspect run over by New Mexico cop in truck — then brutally beaten as he bleeds on the ground
A bleeding Danan Gabaldon being Tasered by Albuquerque police - (KMOV screenshot)

An Albuquerque man wanted on the grand theft auto charges was run down by an undercover officer driving his truck while attempting to escape and then was Tasered as he lay on the ground with a head injury.

The video, released by the Albuquerque police Department to KMOV after four months of wrangling, shows Danan Gabaldon being chased by police down a neighborhood street.  Part of the video, recorded from the interior of a detective's truck shows Gabaldon  being struck by the truck in what police are calling "an accident."

Ten days earlier police attempted to arrest Gabaldon as he sped away in a stolen SUV. He was later tracked down to a neighborhood where police shot at him -- including using bean bags -- and used a Taser on him before he broke free.

Taking off running, the undercover cop caught up with him by driving in his unmarked truck, and then cut in front of Gabaldon, later claiming he was trying to block him from running further.

In the footage, Gabaldon can be seen banging his head on the truck's hood before falling to the ground.

The bleeding man can then be seen writhing on the ground as one officer attempted to cuff him, while another Tasered him in the neck and back of the head before striking him repeatedly with the Taser.

According to an APD spokesperson, Gabaldon was resisting arrest and police officers acted appropriately.

APD use of force policy states:  “Officers shall use only that force which is reasonably necessary,” while saying officers shouldn’t expect suspects to comply without being Tasered.

According the spokesperson,  APD Internal Affairs is reviewing the incident.

Gabaldon is being held on car theft charges.

Watch the video below from KMOV: