Arizona pastor blames 'sinful' France and death metal for Paris terror massacre
Pastor Steven Anderson (YouTube)

A bloodthirsty Arizona pastor said victims of the Paris terror attack were at least partially to blame for their own murders because they had attended a death metal concert.

Three gunmen burst into a concert Friday night by the Eagles of Death Metal at Le Bataclan, opening fire and killing a reported 87 people -- some of whom can be seen clearly in haunting photographs taken just moments before the massacre.

Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, reacted to the terror attacks by denouncing France as a "sinful nation" and saying the victims basically had it coming, reported the Friendly Atheist blog.

"When you go to a concert of death metal, somebody might get killed," Anderson said. "You know, you’re worshiping death, and then, all of a sudden, people start dying."

Anderson -- who had called for the execution of LGBT people, in general, and Caityln Jenner, in particular -- conceded their deaths were a "terrible tragedy," but he said they were at least partially complicit.

"Well, you love death so much, you bought the ticket, you love worshiping Satan," Anderson said. "Well, let’s have some of Satan’s religion come in and shoot you. I mean, that’s what these people should think about before they go into such a wicked concert."

However, the Eagles of Death Metal cannot by any reasonable definition be considered a death metal group.

Their music arguably doesn't fit into the metal genre at all, but somewhere perhaps between ZZ Top without the guitar solos or AC/DC without the crunch.

While Anderson probably wouldn't approve of their lyrical concerns with partying and sex -- and, in fact, he described the group's leader as a "drug-pushing hillbilly faggot" -- the Eagles of Death Metal aren't particularly morbid.

Anderson condemned France for its "wicked" gay-friendly attitudes and liberal attitudes toward sex -- finding at least some common cause with the Islamic State militants who claimed responsibility for the killings.

"A faithful group of the soldiers of the Caliphate, may Allah dignify it and make it victorious, launched out, targeting the capital of prostitution and obscenity, the carrier of the banner of the Cross in Europe, Paris," the group wrote in an online manifesto.

He urged his congregation not to worry too much about the victims, because abortion is legal in France.

"We’re supposed to be mourning today about these 120-some people who died in France, but we’re not supposed to give a rip about the 500 babies that France aborted today," Anderson preached. "That doesn’t matter."

Watch the sermon posted online by Anderson: