Daily Beast exec editor calls for Trump boycott: If you do business with him, you support fascism
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, pictured on September 28, 2015, said the spate of mass shootings plaguing the United States and similar tragedies are simply a fact of life (AFP Photo/Dominick Reuter)

The editor-in-chief of the website the Daily Beast is standing by the executive editor's call for Americans to shame and boycott companies that do business with Republican presidential candidate and former reality TV star Donald Trump.

On Sunday evening, the Daily Beast's Noah Shachtman took to the social medium Twitter to express his increasing distaste for the Trump team's campaign tactics:

Earlier on Sunday, Trump tweeted a graphic about "black-on-black crime" that turned out to not only be patently false, but which has its origins in Neo-Nazi propaganda.

Shachtman continued:

Glenn Beck's website TheBlaze.com reported on the tweets, pointing out that Shachtman worked on President Bill Clinton's first campaign for the White House and accusing the Beast of bias.

But the Daily Beast's editor-in-chief John Avlon stood behind Shachtman on Monday, saying Shachtman is free to express himself on his own social media profiles.

He also took a dig at the Blaze, a partisan website run by a man who turned out to be too right-wing and histrionic for even the Fox News Channel.