Despicable truthers use photos of four different women to ‘prove’ that Paris attacks were staged
Paris attack "crisis actor" meme

Despite the fact that terrorist organization ISIS has claimed credit for the Friday the 13th attacks in Paris -- reportedly related to the ongoing battles in Syria --  that hasn't kept conspiracy theorists from seeing darker and more secretive motives behind the dramatic assaults that claimed 129 lives.

Depending upon which conspiracy site you visit, the attacks were a "false flag" operation designed by the CIA and French intelligence to incite another war in the Middle East, or they were intended to distract attention away from a global climate event featuring former Vice President Al Gore at the Eiffel Tower.

At Alex Jones' conspiracy site, Infowars, editors are of two minds about the attacks. According to Paul Joseph Watson, the assault is just the beginning of future planned attacks if Syrian refugees are allowed into western countries. Joe Biggs states that the CIA and French intelligence met secretly before the attacks with a former Israeli security adviser and questions whether they knew about the attacks beforehand.

According to Before It's News, "There are currently numerous explanations being offered for the alleged false flag terrorist attacks orchestrated in Paris on Friday the 13th.  Each of them has their own merits and ought to be read very carefully."

As evidence, the website published a collection of photos (seen below) of a woman they claim is a "crisis actor" crying in Paris who -- they assert -- is the same women seen crying following the mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook, Connecticut -- as well as being spotted crying following the terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

[caption id="attachment_741513" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Via Before It's News Via Before It's News[/caption]

"Can it possibly be the same crisis actor yet again?! SOTN posted the top photo because of how staged it looked, and then this photo montage was brought to our attention with the same professional crisis actress," they write before adding, "There should be no doubt that the number one reason for the alleged Paris Terror attacks is to completely lock down Paris in order to totally control the upcoming “Climate Summit”. That’s not to say there aren’t other very significant purposes operating in the background, especially some quite stealthy geopolitical strategies involving the Middle East."

At the Activist Post, nine reasons are given to question the events in Paris, including questioning developing news reports over how many terrorists were involved and whether they used automatic weapons or shotguns.

According to Brandon Turbeville, the false flag operation was created to increase support for the "security state."

"Considering the fact that the security had been so heightened both on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the anticipation of disorder for the U.N. Conference on Climate Change, how on earth did such a major terror attack slip through the hands of the DGSE?" he wrote. "After all, France is nothing if not a police state. It is also giving the United States a run for its money in the contest for how much information it is able to nab up on its citizens. No doubt, we will be sold the line of “pre-civilized savages outsmarted first-world high end military surveillance states.”

According to Paul Craig Roberts, the attack was part of a master plan by the Hollande government to undercut Marine Le Pen’s racist National Front Party.

"Realizing its vulnerability, it is entirely possible that the French Establishment made a decision to protect its hold on power with a false flag attack that would allow the Establishment to close France’s borders and, thereby, deprive Marine Le Pen of her main political issue," he wrote.

Roberts added, "Considering the Western World’s long tradition of false flag orchestrations, the “terrorist attacks” in Paris could be the most recent manifestation."