Miami cops have shot six people since Friday -- but only recovered a gun in one case
Police officers aiming their guns (Shutterstock)

Police in the Miami area shot five people over the weekend and one on Tuesday. But so far, officers have claimed that only one of the suspects had a weapon.

The Miami Herald reported that two officers two from Miami-Dade and one from South Miami shot five suspects between Friday night and Sunday night. A sixth suspect was shot on Tuesday.

In at least five of the cases, officers said that they were forced to open fire because they feared for their lives.

On Friday, a Miami-Dade police officer said that he spotted five teenagers steal a case of Heineken beer and then speed off in a stolen police truck. While being pursued by the officers, the teens crashed the truck.

The officer opened fire after the truck allegedly accelerated in his direction. Three of the teens were shot during the incident.

Jorge Cruz, one of the teen's fathers, told The Miami Herald that the officer had used excessive force.

“I'm not saying these kids are saints. They deserve to pay for what they did. But why do you have to try to kill them?" Cruz said.

Miami-Dade police shot a teen on Sunday afternoon after an officer said that he fled from a stolen vehicle carrying a weapon.

A South Miami officer opened fire on another man later on Sunday who reportedly refused to take his hand out of his pocket. The man was charged with possession of marijuana and resisting arrest without violence.

A sixth man was shot and killed by a Miami-Dade officer early Tuesday morning. The Miami Herald noted that officials had not provided any additional details about the shooting.