Orlando columnist: Where are GOP calls for 'shutting down churches or registering Christians?'
Sun-Sentinal columnist Michael Mayo (WPLG/screen grab)

Sun-Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo pointed out on Sunday that Republican presidential hopefuls had largely been silent on the mass shootings at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado even though the same candidates had suggested registering Muslims and shutting down mosques after the recent attacks in Paris.

During a panel discussion on WPLG, Fox News legal analyst Katie Phang argued that the candidates had not addressed the shootings because "you can't politicize three people being murdered."

"What you need to do is express your sympathies," she said. "Planned Parenthood is always going to be a trigger point -- no pun intended -- right? It's going to be hot button topic."

"You can politicize it," Mayo replied. "Things are politicized all the time. And when we hear after the Paris attacks, 'Oh, it's time to shut down some mosques and time to register Muslims.'"

"But when it's home grown terrorism -- this was an act of terrorism -- and again, it's going to be 'lone wolf,' a man with mental problems," he continued. "But he had some political views, and he was religious, he was raised Baptist, he read the Bible."

"Do we hear anybody talk about shutting down churches or registering Christians? No! Because that's an absurd overreaction that paints too broad a brush."

Watch the video below from WPLG, broadcast Nov. 29, 2015.