SNL has the perfect answer for how to silence crazy right-wing talk from family at Thanksgiving dinner
Family arguing at Thanksgiving dinner - SNL screenshot

With the holidays just around the corner, the cast of Saturday Night Live has the perfect solution to ending contentious political arguments with crazy distant relatives over Thanksgiving dinner.

Called "A Thanksgiving Miracle," the sketch parodies a holiday dinner gone wrong when one family member says, "I'm thankful our governor is keeping those refugees out," which sets off a series of uninformed and ultimately racist comments.

"I saw an ISIS today in the A&P, when I was picking up the yams," one woman states as her niece rolls her eyes and explains, "No you didn't, Aunt Cathy. That was an Asian woman."

From there it goes downhill with family bickering as Aunt Cathy asks the only black member of the dinner party, "Why is it that your 'friends' keep antagonizing the police?"

Having had enough, a little girl gets up from the table and goes to a boombox and introduces the one thing in the world that can bring everyone together: Adele singing "Hello."

What follows is a brilliant parody of the "Hello" video that has been viewed over 450 million times on YouTube.

Watch the SNL video below: