Tennessee to post photos of animal abusers online -- just like sex offenders
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Beginning Jan. 1 animal abusers in Tennessee can expect to become Internet famous when the state posts their photos online as part of an animal abuser registry, reports News Channel 3.

Modeled like online registries listing sex offenders, the website will be maintained by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and be open to the public and breeders who want to see their dogs go to loving homes.

Residents convicted of felony animal abuse will have their picture up for two years with another conviction keeping their photo posted online for five years.

According to State Rep. Darren Jernigan (D-Nashville), the website will keep abusers from seeking pets outside communities where they are already known.

"We want to put it in one spot so someone in Memphis can't drive to Knoxville and get an animal if they're going to abuse it. It's going to be statewide," he said.

Angela Klein, of the Bartlett Animal Shelter, said she is looking forward to being able to use the website.

"We can go online now and check to see if people are on that registry, and it will give us one more tool to help place animals into better homes," she said.

Supporters hope to expand the registry for those convicted of misdemeanor animal abuse.

Watch the video from News 13 below: