Texas Republican: Don't compare Mary and Joseph to Syrian refugees -- they 'didn’t have suicide bomb vests'
Rep. Brian Babin (right) with unidentified man at a campaign event (Facebook)

Many Americans have noticed that Christians denying Syrians refuge from the civil war in their homeland flies in the face of their religion's origin story.

A number of social media memes have sprung up making the same point -- but one Texas Republican lawmaker is having none of it, reported Right Wing Watch.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) has sponsored a bill that would defund the resettlement program, which he calls "insane," and suggested limiting refugees to Christians only.

He appeared Tuesday on a conservative SiriusXM program hosted by Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News, where the GOP lawmaker slapped back at his "haters."

“What they’re going to bring up over the holiday season is, ‘Mary and Joseph were refugees, Mary and Joseph when they went into Egypt were refugees,’” Bannon said.

The lawmaker waved away those comparisons as inapt.

“Mary and Jesus didn’t have suicide bomb vests strapped on them, and these folks do," Babin said. "You can see it in technicolor in Paris.”