Arizona woman shoots victim in eye for not believing in God -- and then keeps body on couch as 'shrine'
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An Arizona woman reportedly told police that she shot another woman for having a lack of religious faith. The suspect said that she kept the victim's body as a "shrine from God."

Phoenix officers were called to the home of 39-year-old Anitra Braxton on Dec. 26 and discovered a body on her couch covered in a towel after obtaining a search warrant, KSAZ reported.

During an interview at police headquarters, Braxton explained that the victim did not believe in God so she shot her in the eye, the police report said. She then kept the victim's body on her couch for three days, calling it a "shrine from God."

Braxton was charged with first-degree murder. The body had not yet been identified. Police said that evidence suggested the victim had been pregnant.