'Donald Trump totally thinks I'm a Muslim': Atheist hammers Trump on proposed Muslim ban
Hemant Mehta (YouTube/Screenshot)

Friendly Atheist founder Hermant Mehta has some big questions for GOP front runner Donald Trump and his infamous call to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

In a video posted to YouTube this week, the former high school math teacher and atheist wanted to know how exactly the bombastic real estate mogul's plan would work. Trump has been notoriously light on details in his vows to make sweeping changes to current immigration policy.

"What would your reaction be if Hillary Clinton said the same thing about Christian immigrants following the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado," Mehta implored. "Which non-white Christian group will you want to ban next? Do you realize how much other countries are making fun of us? Do you realize how much other countries are horrified by us?"

Mehta also asked a key question. How would anyone know if someone trying to enter the U.S. is Muslim or not? He wanted to know how Trump's immigration officials would know the difference between Muslims and people of other faiths, or even how they'd know whether people were being truthful.

He also pointed out that Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric only bolsters terrorist groups like ISIS by alienating Muslim people and fomenting toxic rhetoric.

"Is Muslim just code for brown people?" Mehta asked. "Am I a Muslim? Donald Trump totally thinks I'm a Muslim."

Watch Mehta's commentary, as posted to YouTube, here: