Florida Tea Partier wants to impeach Obama and kick out people with a ‘Middle Eastern background’
Rep. Ted Yoho (Facebook)

A Florida Republican lawmaker said the U.S. should eject Muslims and others with a "Middle Eastern background" who "shouldn't be here."

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) appeared Monday on "The Palin Update," a radio program hosted by fans of the reality TV star and former Republican vice presidential candidate, where he vowed to impeach President Barack Obama and refuse entry to Syrian refugees, reported Right Wing Watch.

“If you look at what the role of the federal government is, its No. 1 role is to provide for the common defense of the United States of America,” Yoho said. “We need to look at securing our border, we need to look at enforcing the laws on the books. The people that are here that shouldn’t be here, we need to have a way of vetting and screening them. If they have a Middle Eastern background that we can’t verify, they need to be out of the country.”

Yoho, who appeared on the Mama Grizz Radio program before Donald Trump called for a nationwide ban on Muslims, did not outline specific plans for how those people would be identified or expelled.

The Tea Party lawmaker -- who thinks voting should be tied to property ownership and that Obamacare discriminates against whites who use tanning beds -- complained that President Barack Obama had mocked conservatives for fretting over widows and children fleeing the Syrian civil war for refuge in the U.S.

“He accuses the Republicans of being afraid of women and children," Yoho said. "I’m concerned about women and children, and those are the women and children in my country -- my wife, my daughters, your children, your families. We should be concerned about that before we worry about somebody else.”

Host Kevin Scholla later asked Yoho if it was "too late" for congressional Republicans to impeach "the current regime," and the conservative lawmaker thanked him for bringing up a topic he clearly enjoys discussing.

“No, I don’t think it’s too late," Yoho said.

He bragged that he had written a bill that would clearly define the "high crimes and misdemeanors" outlined in the U.S. Constitution necessary to impeach the president.

Yoho said his bill would “show the borders of the football field so that the executive, the Supreme Court justices and everybody in Washington and government knows where the boundaries are, and if you step outside of that you’re going to be penalized,” Yoho said.

He also said GOP lawmakers would introduce a joint resolution next week to express their disapproval with the president's handling of national security.

Yoho claimed that several committee chairs had expressed disbelief that Obama had not yet been impeached, and he said his own constituents were "clamoring" for Congress to remove the president from office.

"This is about any president that is sitting in the executive mansion," he continued. "If you get a Hillary Clinton in there or Bernie Sanders or, say, somebody like a Donald Trump that, you know, he's richer than you, he's smarter than us. If you have an arrogant Republican in there that just wants to do whatever they want (and) bypass the rule of law -- this is both for Republicans and Democrats, anybody that's sitting in the White House. I think it's imperative for us in Congress to bring this up so that we have that protection and the person sitting there is forewarned."