Georgia school says teacher had no 'ill intent' asking Muslim student if she had a bomb in her backpack
Young Somali girl via Shutterstock

A Georgia middle school teacher is not facing any repercussions after she asked a Muslim 8th grader if she had a bomb in her backpack, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting.

Saying there was no "ill intent" involved, the unidentified teacher at was only told by school administrators that her comments were "not appropriate," which has the father of the girl disgusted with the whole incident.

According to Aden, his daughter was stopped on Monday by the teacher who asked the young girl what she had in her book bag. After the girl replied "books," the teacher inquired further, asking if she had a bomb in the bag.

Aden said his daughter called him afterwards upset with the line of questioning.

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According to Roach, the teacher was not a substitute, and that the school's principal,

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