Men take Toys 'R' Us dispute outside to settle with guns: ‘They’re shooting — lock the store down’
Image: Crime scene investigator at shooting (

Two men took their dispute outside a Michigan toy store to settle the argument with firearms.

An employee at Toys 'R' Us in Flint Township said she heard multiple gunshots about 5 p.m. Monday while working the cash register, reported MLive.

"I heard the gunshots. It was about three or four of them. One of the managers came to the door and was, like, 'They're shooting. Lock the store down,'" said cashier Tequila Roberson. "It basically happened in front of my register from the outside."

Employees said the store was locked down for about 20 minutes.

Police said two men began arguing inside the toy store before the altercation spilled over into the parking lot, where a 25-year-old man suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the leg.

He was taken to an area hospital by a friend.

One shot also flattened a tire on Roberson's car, which upset the employee, but she praised police for their handling of the situation.

"It was like a perfect response," she said. "They locked the store down immediately. No one was to come in or out."

Police later arrested an 18-year-old man at home, where officers found a stolen handgun, and a woman was also arrested in connection with the incident after she turned herself in.

Watch this video report posted online by WNEM-TV: