Raw Deals: Here are 10 badass gifts for badass women and girls

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If there's one thing those of us on the left love its imparting the wisdom of equality to our children. Little girls today have bright futures ahead with ever increasing opportunities in science, technology, math, law, and even President of the United States. But did you know that you can encourage a little girl beyond telling her that she can achieve anything? You can actually help give her the tools of inspiration in the toys she plays with. Check out these amazing gifts that can help encourage your growing little feminist. (Some of these can even work to teach little boys about equality too.)

51ie64SfUvL._SL75_1. Real legit chemistry set

What better way to encourage a young lady to become a scientist than with a serious chemistry set. The downside of this kit is that it doesn't come with actual chemicals, and some of them might be a little difficult to get a hold of. Due to the fact that this uses actual chemicals this is a recommended for ages 12 and up.

61waIjBUr2L._SL75_For the younger mad scientist, you can try this less serious Kid's First Chemistry Set for ages 8 and over.

415j1WxvtqL._SL75_2. Magna-Tiles®

Who knew you could teach geometry to a preschooler?! These little tiles connect to make cubes, pyramids and all sorts of geometric shapes. Perfect for kiddos 4 and up.

51yrF1nRERL._SL75_3. Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750R

This is one heck of an introduction into problem solving and electronics. If you want to give a little girl a beginners course in engineering this is the place to start. This little kit will teach the basics of how switches and circuits work and give your youngster the skills to troubleshoot and solve problems. Give this to the child over 8 years old.

31Vchp5vY1L._SL75_4. LEGO City Female Minifigure Magnet Set

There was an empowering news story last year about some activists who came together to encourage female figurines for judges, scientists, explorers and others in LEGO sets. If girls can do anything boys can do then why were there only male characters for these roles? Well, no more! Compliment your LEGO kits for your sons or daughters with strong women! With this set, you get a lady pirate, a lady farmer and a lady superhero!

51IjJ3IWkTL._SL75_5. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack - Playstation 4

Girls can play video games too and this one is great for women because it doesn't cater to one gender over another. That's a fantastic lesson to teach both boys and girls. There are some amazing characters in this game who are powerful women that show off girls have some mad fighter and superhero skills.

51Qspki5kaL6. LEGO Architecture: Fallingwater

If the young lady in your life is showing signs of curiosity about building and architecture, this is a great way to inspire the next anticipated Frank Lloyd Wright. While the instructions say 16 and up, you can probably help her a little. She might even be able to show you a thing or two as well.

61l5ecjbcsL._SL75_7. The Paper Bag Princess (book)

You're going to fall in love with this book. It's about a princess whose kingdom is ransacked by a dragon who kidnaps her prince. She goes on an adventure to save him showing that princesses can be heroes too. This would be a great book for your feminist girl and a feminist boy!

61DGg6L71NL._SL75_8. Code Master Programming Logic Game

This is a super cool game designed to teach kids computer programming language. You have to solve programming logic problems to get your little avatar to collect crystals that advance you toward the portal for the next level. Whoever gets to the final level wins.

Another great programming game for younger kids (ages 4 and up) is the Robot Turtles Game. It was an awesome Kickstarter project that was quickly funded to help teach kids the basics at an early age so they'll be comfortable when they start learning the language.

51D314D01VL._SL75_9. No Stress Chess

What an awesome way to teach someone the fine art of chess. Some of the geniuses of our time were chess players, so why not start your youngster off at an early age. If you don't know how to play, this can be something you learn together! One side has hints for how the pieces move and the other side is a normal board. It comes with a deck of "action cards" that shows each chess piece and how it moves. Essentially you learn while you play.

51SnWdH-rGL._SL75_10. Art supplies

You can NEVER go wrong with art supplies as a gift. Even STEM takes creativity, particularly when you start talking about inventions and entrepreneurialism. When in doubt, go with some fun new art kits for kids.