Seth Meyers: GOP debate showed Republicans have 'definitely been radicalized by ISIS'
Seth Meyers (NBC)

Seth Meyers said the latest GOP debate showed the Republican Party had been radicalized by the Islamic State.

“(Tuesday) night's Republican debate focused on the themes of terrorism and foreign policy, and it's a good thing, too, because during the debate, I spotted nine people who had definitely been radicalized by ISIS," he said.

He showed nearly every candidate vowing to "destroy ISIS," although few of them offered many details about how exactly they would accomplish that.

Cruz said simply that his strategy would be "we win, they lose."

"I bet things were pretty tense at ISIS headquarters (Tuesday) night," Meyers said, adopting a Arabic accent. "Slow down -- what, did he say the plan was? They win and we lose? Oh man, oh man, oh man. This is bad. This is bad if that is their plan, because that is a very good plan."

Meyers said the candidates' plans weren't much different from what President Barack Obama is already doing, although he said Donald Trump "sunk even lower" by repeating his suggesting that the U.S. should target and kill the families of suspected terrorists.

He said the suggestion reminded him of Al Capone's threats against Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, and he rolled a clip of Robert DeNiro's scenery chewing portrayal of the notorious gangster.

"That's Al Capone, U.S. foreign policy advisor," Meyers said.

Watch the entire segment posted online by Late Night With Seth Meyers: