Student slaps FL public schools with suit for refusing to teach evolution because it contradicts the Bible
Barry and Brandon Silver (WPBF/Screenshot)

A Boca Raton man and his young son are suing the boy's Florida school district for neglecting to teach the theory of evolution because of religious beliefs, WPBF reports.

Brandon Silver may only be 11, but he joined his attorney dad, Barry Silver, in slapping the  Palm Beach County school board with the 18-page suit.

"It's such a magnificent story and it's being neglected. The students are being deprived of learning from it because certain religious people don't like the story because it contradicts the Bible and we think it is terrible that children shouldn't learn the truth about where they came from," Barry Silver told the station.

The lawyer said he'd be happy to resolve the lawsuit without litigation if the school board talks to him and fixes the problem.

"If not, we'll go ahead and serve it and we will vigorously litigate the lawsuit," he said.

The lawsuit accuses the school district of purposely omitting information that's not favorable to their religious beliefs.

"There are currently schools and textbooks which provide false, misleading, and dangerous information about certain religions and purposely omit factual information if it appears unfavorable to them and/or politically incorrect, which cause Palm Beach County public school students not to receive a high quality education required by the Florida law," the suit states.