Trump slams Benghazi hearings head for supporting Rubio: His hearings were a 'disaster' for Republicans
Donald Trump, Rep. Trey Gowdy - screenshots

GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump took a few shots at Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Sunday morning for throwing his support behind rival Marco Rubio, stating that Gowdy's recent hearings on Benghazi were a "disaster."

Gowdy announced on Saturday that he would be making campaign stops with the Florida senator in Iowa next week. The South Carolina congressman released  a statement reading: “Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust. I look forward to campaigning with him, and introducing my good friend to voters across the state.”

Trump wasted no time going after Gowdy, mocking his performance heading the Benghazi hearings that not only failed to leave a mark on aspiring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but helped her national standing.

Speaking with the hosts of Fox & Friends by phone, Trump ridiculed Gowdy's performance.

"I hope he does a better job, frankly, than he did in the Benghazi hearings," the billionaire businessman stated. "Because they were a total disaster."

Addressing Gowdy's implied endorsement, Trump said that he had "been seeing on Twitter, people who are angry with the whole thing."

"Marco has been very strong for amnesty and very weak at the border and people are very upset with Trey Gowdy for doing that,"Trump continued. "And, you know, his hearings were a disaster. Everybody was looking for something that was really going to be productive. He didn't win with those hearings, They were a total not good for Republicans and for the country. I mean, it was very bad for the country. So, I hope he does a lot better for Marco than he did for the Benghazi hearings, because they were not good. That was not a pretty picture."

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