Twitter users shame Republican inaction on gun violence with #thoughtsandprayers tag

While it's customary for social media users to express sympathy for the victims in any given tragedy, the tag #thoughtsandprayers quickly took on another meaning following Wednesday's shooting attack against a San Bernardino social services facility, with Twitter users turning into a way to rip Republicans for not taking more action against gun violence.

The New York Daily News directly mocked Republican presidential candidates on the cover of its Thursday edition, which reads "GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS" alongside tweets from several contenders:

Think Progress Contributing Editor Igor Volsky used the tag to link lawmakers expressing "thoughts" or "prayers" following the shooting to their campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY):

Other users shared a clip from a routine by comedian Anthony Jeselnick:

"The day of a tragedy, the victims are not on Twitter. The day of a tragedy, victims have got victim sh*t to do. No one has ever been putting on a tourniquet asking, 'Are we trending?'" he says. "This is who I'm making fun of when I post a tweet on the day of a tragedy: The people who see something horrible happen in the world and they run to the Internet."