War on Christians: 7 policies Republicans pushed in 2015 that would make Jesus vomit
Former Governor Mike Huckabee speaking at the 2012 CPAC in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

The GOP loves to push their Christian religious agenda. But despite all the talk about the so-called War on Christmas or Starbucks coffee cups that aren't cheery enough, many of the Republican party's own policy priorities fly directly in the face of Jesus' own teachings. Here are a few of the most egregious examples.

  1. Last month, Republicans lead a fear-drenched drive to refuse entry to people fleeing war-torn Syria for the United States. All but one of the 31 states that vowed to turn back the desperate asylum seekers have Republican governors.
  2. Earlier this month, GOP presidential candidate and front runner Donald Trump proposed that all Muslim people be banned from entering the United States. Not only is the idea unconstitutional, it also flies in the face of Jesus' own teachings. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus teaches to be kind to people in need, even if they aren't from your community.
  3. In October, the GOP proposed a bill that would force transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond to their birth gender as opposed to the one they identify with. Parents would be able to sue schools if they believed the transgender children were "up to no good." The bill seems to fly in the face of the Golden Rule, which requires that we treat others as we ourselves want to be treated.
  4. According to a Public Policy Polling result, 30 percent of GOP voters are in favor of bombing Agrabah. The catch is that Agrabah is a fictional country from the 1992 Disney animated movie, Aladdin. Regardless, the war-mongering willingness to bomb any nation that has an Arabic-sounding name seems contrary to Jesus extolling his followers, "Blessed are the peacemakers."
  5. Trump has blasted to the front of the GOP candidate pool, and his supporters have chalked it up to his saying the racist things they have been thinking all along. The real estate mogul has garnered support from his base by proposing a "beautiful" wall between the United States and Mexico, making it more difficult than it already is for migrants to cross the border. With Christmas approaching, it's important to remember that the parents of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, were forced to flee to Egypt when King Herod ordered the massacre of all male infants in Bethlehem after becoming paranoid over being told of the newly-born "King of the Jews."
  6. In October, Republican candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee agreed with radio host Jan Mickelson and said a better way to deal with prisoners is to sell them into slavery instead of incarcerating them. A large portion of the Old Testament is dominated by the Jewish people escaping slavery in Egypt.
  7. Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker oversaw thousands of people being booted off food assistance in his state. Jesus makes multiple references to feeding the hungry in the Gospel and does so himself when he feeds a crowd of thousands who came to hear him speak at the Sermon on the Mount.