WATCH: SNL's Trump includes Hillary, Mark Zuckerberg and Santa on his 'naughty or nice' list
Taran Killiam and Cecily Strong as Donald and Melania Trump - SNL screenshot

Saturday Night Live opened with their version of Donald Trump and wife Melania extending their holiday greetings, while presenting their "Naughty and Nice" list which included Hillary Clinton, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg -- and even Santa.

“Good evening, it’s Christmas time and I want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas,” Taran Killiam as Donald Trump began. “To the Jews, Happy Hanukkah. To the Muslims, send me your names.”

"This is a very special time of year. It brings together all kinds of people. And I just want to recognize them with my naughty or nice list -- my concept, by the way," he continued.

"And remember," cast member Cecily Strong as Melania Trump chimed in. "Sometimes it's nice to be naughty!"

"That's why I married her," Trump added. "She's hilarious -- with boobs."

At the top of his "nice" list, he put "the polls."

“Very nice,” Trump said. “The latest poll has me leading by 20 percent. It’s starting to sink in, people. I’m going to be president!”

"This is so exciting," Melania explained. "Donald is always walking around the house, talking to himself, saying 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening. What the hell is going on?' It's so crazy."

Hillary Clinton, introduced as "The Nutcracker," surprisingly made the nice list for saying she really really wants Trump to be the GOP nominee.  Santa and Zuckerberg -- who recently announced he was donating $45 billion in a roundabout way to charity -- both made the "naughty" list for giving things away.

Melania addressed Zuckerberg, asking, “If you give away your money, how will you stay married?”

Watch below from NBC: