Angry Montana man threatens to gun down pair during argument over road kill -- sheriff blames 'elk rage'
Angry man points handgun (Shutterstock)

A Montana man was arrested after threatening to shoot two men during an argument over road kill.

Kenrick Workman was taken into custody about 5:15 p.m. Saturday along a roadside near Bozeman, where he had confronted two men over a wounded elk, reported The Montana Standard.

The Madison County sheriff said the elk had been struck by a vehicle along Highway 84 earlier in the day, and two men stopped to wait for the injured animal to die so they could salvage its meat.

The 52-year-old Workman spotted the men from his home and drove in his car to confront them.

The sheriff said Workman shoved one of the men, grabbed a handgun from his car and threatened to shoot both men in an "elk rage" attack.

The men called 911, and deputies arrested Workman at his home on open warrants for drunken driving and other driving-related charges.

Workman was also charged with assault with a firearm and resisting arrest in connection with the elk rage case.