Conservatives flip out over revamped Nebraska sex ed classes: It ‘rapes children’ with information
Woman speaks in opposition to revamped sex ed curriculum in Omaha (KETV/Screenshot)

The fight over a revamped sex education curriculum in Omaha continued Monday, with parents crowding into a public meeting to either support or denounce it, KETV reports.

The new curriculum proposed by Omaha Public Schools officials includes information about LGBT people, STDs, HIV and AIDS, as well as lessons on abstinence versus contraception, the station reports. But outside groups like Save Nebraska Children, which oppose the changes, have gotten involved. Save Nebraska Children has paid for advertising on the issue.

"Yes we need to give children an education," one woman said. "But the curriculum you have, the standards you have, gives children too much information. It rapes children of their innocence."

Another angry woman compared giving students the information to giving alcohol to alcoholics.

"Just because kids want to drink, are you give them a bottle of alcohol to help with alcoholism?" the woman demanded. "You all need to stop with all this hidden agenda stuff."

While some voiced support for the new curriculum, others claimed it's part of a wider agenda.

"It's not appropriate for children and it's really ideologically driven," Maris Bentley, a volunteer with Save Nebraska Children, told KETV.

Meetings on OPS' proposed new curriculum last exploded into chaos in October. One woman was caught on video screaming, “It’s my daughter! My daughter! Who’s going to keep her pure? Nobody! I am! Not OPS! Not OPS!”

Watch the comments, as posted by KETV, here: