Craigslist trolls Bundy — selling his jacket for $50,000 or 200 cartons of cigarettes and snacks
Ammon Bundy (AFP Photo/Rob Kerr)

An anonymous troll mocked Ammon Bundy on Craigslist this week, posing as the Oregon occupation leader and offering his ubiquitous plaid ranchers jacket for sale at a bargain price of $50,000  -- or 200 cartons of cigarettes plus snacks.

The mock listing -- since removed by Craigslist -- included a photo of Bundy wearing the jacket, as well as an address where it could be picked up: 1120 SW 3rd Ave #307.

That would be the Multnomah County jail, reports OregonLive.

A screen capture of the Craigslist offering showed the jacket described as "Used Blue Plaid Jacket" with an asking price of $50,000.

Beneath the picture of Bundy wearing the jacket while fixing a fence -- along with directions to the jail  -- was a description:

Slightly Used Blue Plaid Wool Jacket. Worn 24 hrs. / day for the last 26 days to weather it out in Burns Or. Due to a sudden lifestyle change, I've decided to only wear orange jumpsuits.

A couple of snags from barbed wire. Some odors of sweat, beef jerky, gun oil, personal lubricant and sedition. Includes one pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Careful wearing this in any western-themed gay bars, because this unit is HOT!!!

Will consider trade for 200 cartons of cigarettes or some snacks.

The condition of the jacket -- described as Mormon Militia style -- was listed as: "fair."

Screenshot of the Craigslist ad below from Anna King of NorthwestNews Network:

[caption id="attachment_759503" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Screenshot via Anna King/OPB Screenshot via Anna King/OPB[/caption]