Fox analyst throws a tantrum at DA over Daleiden indictment: How dare a 'Republican woman' support abortion
Andrew Napolitano appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano lashed out at a Texas district attorney on Tuesday, suggesting that she had no right as a "Republican woman" to support Planned Parenthood.

On Monday, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced that two members of the Center for Medical Progress -- David R. Daleiden and Sandra S. Merritt -- had been indicted for charges related to tampering with a government record and purchasing human organs.

At the same time, the grand jury declined to charge Planned Parenthood based on deceptively edited undercover videos that were made by Daleiden's Center for Medical Progress.

Napolitano told Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy that the indictment was a "political hit job on the people doing the investigating," who he described as "bona fide journalists."

"They're really seriously pro-life people wanting to expose how government dollars are being used by Planned Parenthood," the Fox analyst said, raising his voice. "The tapes came out, there's a big uproar."

According to Napolitano, the outcome should have been a nearly automatic indictment against Planned Parenthood because both the "fiercely pro-life" lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, and the district attorney were Republicans.

"The grand jury does not turn around and indict your witnesses, the people who brought you the case, without the prosecutor wanting this to happen!" Napolitano exclaimed.

He continued: "So, why would this prosecutor, appointed by Gov. [Rick] Perry, a former judge, a Republican woman, why would this prosecutor want to do this other than to send a message like, 'I might be a Republican but leave Planned Parenthood alone'?"

"Leave it alone?" Napolitano shouted. "They're using tax dollars to kill babies and sell their body parts!"

The former judge predicted that the indictment would "deter journalists who want to have conversations with people."

"The government [uses the same] techniques," he opined. "There is a bad person out there, you find out how far they will go in their evil designs. The person having the conversation is not committing a crime because they don't have the intent to commit the crime, they're just trying to find out if the other is willing to do so!"

In the end, Napolitano admitted that he had not even seen the indictment.

"None of us who are commenting on it -- in fairness to these prosecutors -- none of us have seen it," he said.

"But ultimately, your gut tells you [what]?" Doocy asked.

"A political hit job," Napolitano declared.

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast Jan. 26, 2016.