Geraldo and Tantaros get into shouting match when she accuses refugees of being dangerous
Geraldo Rivera and Andrea Tantaros

Geraldo Rivera and Fox News host Andrea Tantaros got into a heated exchange over refugees, with Tantaros insisting that male refugees pose a threat to the safety of women.

Tantaros and Rivera mostly talked over each other during the Outnumbered segment on Tuesday, with Rivera accusing Tantaros of repeating Republican Party talking points and fear mongering.

"Where are the feminists in this country," Tantaros implored. "This is something that every woman who believes in equal rights -- real feminists would stand up and speak up and they're not. I've checked the National Organization for Women's web page. They're not saying anything. And I ask, at what expense are we putting the safety of women in this country and around the world so we don't look intolerant or... political correctness?"

Rivera then pointed out that Germany has allowed in a far higher proportion of refugees compared to its population than the United States has.

"Let's not exaggerate or make hysterical the possibility of this happening in the United States," he said.

Tantaros then launched into a tirade about "two Somali refugees" who she said "murdered people up in Maine in August."

Tantaros appears to be referring to the murder of Freddy Akoa, who according to the Portland Press Herald, was found beaten to death inside his apartment.

Three men, Abil Teshome, 23, Osman Sheikh, 31, and Mohamud Mohamed, 36, have been charged in the murder. The case has become a cause célèbre for the right.

Watch the exchange, which starts at about 5:45 mark, as posted here: