Hilarious or depressing? Kimmel interviews Americans who actually believe MLK endorsed Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Michael Vadon/Flickr)

On Monday, the nation honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, the slain civil rights leader who changed America by leading a movement to end legislated racism. But it seems some on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood had a confused idea of who King was and even how campaign endorsements work.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who films his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live on Hollywood Boulevard, sent a camera crew to ask pedestrians what they thought of the fictional endorsement by King of GOP front runner Donald Trump. The result was predictably not pretty.

Those interviewed didn't seem to realize that King could not endorse a candidate since he was assassinated in 1968. All seemed unaware that Trump has made racist comments the civil rights leader would doubtlessly condemn, and has in fact been endorsed by white supremacists.

"I figure if he's going to endorse Donald Trump for president, then maybe he thinks he will be a good president," one woman said.

Watch the clip, as posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live, here: