John Oliver has tips for weaseling out of that New Year's resolution that you've probably already broken
Last Week Tonight host John Oliver - (YouTube screencap)

Although he is not due back on HBO till early February, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver popped up on YouTube with some handy tips on how to manage expectations for your New Year's resolution that you know you are going to break anyway.

"Every December, for some reason, we decide that next year will be the one that everything turns around and we'll finally quit drinking, or learn how to pronounce the name of these berries, "he said while displaying a picture of açaí berries.

"But let's be honest, we're a few days into the new year now, and if you haven't broken your New Year's resolutions yet, statistically you are about to," Oliver explained. "That can be depressing. But don't panic, all hope is not lost. Because the key thing with resolutions is not how to keep them -- it's how to revise them once you've failed."

"The main problem with New Year's resolutions is that we set our expectations way too high," he continued. "For instance, lot's of people say they want to exercise more -- but that's hard. Exercise is like reading for your muscles. Except you can't watch a movie of someone else exercising and basically get the gist of it."

Oliver went on to suggest "lowering your expectations" about exercising to "anything that brings your heart rate up," such as waking up late for work or taking a surprise pregnancy test.

"That way you haven't failed in keeping your New Year's resolution -- you've just succeeded in a different way," he added.

Watch the video below via YouTube: