Kentucky county’s top official shoots down smoking ban for absurd reason: ‘I’m not black and I’m not Obama'
Gary Logsdon (WDRB)

A Kentucky elected official used an odd analogy to explain why he would not support a countywide smoking ban.

Grayson County commissioners shot down the ordinance Friday morning, and a local high school student stood up to scold the elected officials, reported WDRB-TV.

“I asked if it’s not the role of the government to protect people, then what is the role of the government?" said Tristan Deering, a senior at Grayson County High School.

Gary Logsdon, the county judge-executive, replied with a racist comment that suggested he believed President Barack Obama was a tyrant.

“I’m not black and I’m not Obama -- and I’m not making you do anything,” Logsdon said.

Audio recorded by WKHG-FM showed a 10-second pause before the county's top elected official continued.

“And I love blacks and whites," Logsdon said. "I respect blacks but, you know, I’m not Obama.”

Deering, who was giving a presentation before the board of commissioners, said the official failed to answer his question, and he was baffled by what he meant by the remarks.

Logsdon apologized for his comments and insisted he hadn't meant to offend.

“I apologize for any misspoken words and I had no intention to hurt anyone,” Logsdon said.

The teenager said he would ask the Leitchfield City Council for a citywide smoking ban, and he hoped voters noticed the way Logsdon responded to his concerns.

“If people see that maybe this elected official isn’t saying what we like, then maybe it’s time to select a new person,” Deering said.

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