Larry Wilmore blasts officials who poisoned Flint to save $100: 'Who came up with this plan, the Joker?'
Larry Wilmore (Comedy Central)

Larry Wilmore blamed the austere principles of conservative governance for the humanitarian crisis in Flint, Michigan -- where residents have been poisoned by their water supply.

City officials stopped buying pretreated water from Detroit in 2014 and instead began drawing water from the nearby Flint River -- which is 19 times more corrosive than its neighbor's water.

"We're not talking water from the islands of Fiji or the springs of Poland or the ancient underwater kingdom of Aquafina," Wilmore said. "We're talking about tap water from the bailout city."

That corrosive water turned brown when it flowed through the city's water mains, which are made from iron, and interacted with the lead that makes up about half of Flint's service lines -- and the toxic heavy metal then poured out of residents' taps.

Lead is linked to low IQ, lasting physical and mental health problems, behavioral problems and criminality -- and the effects are long-lasting.

"Slowly poisoning and entire population of a town by ruining the water supply? Who came up with this plan, the Joker?" Wilmore said.

Flint's mostly poor residents were stuck drinking that water, because the 33-square-mile city does not have a single grocery store.

The "Nightly Show" host said the humanitarian crisis could have been avoided if city leaders had agreed to spend just $100 a day -- but they decided to cut costs and then stonewall concerned residents.

Wilmore summed up their attitude as: "If you're poor, we don't give a shit."

"This is what small government looks like," Wilmore said. "When you have politicians falling all over each other to see who can make the most draconian budget cuts, you get decisions like this: citizens poisoned in a mania to save a hundred f*cking dollars a day. Officials in Flint, Michigan, should all be rounded up and put behind bars. If you need some extra lead for those bars, just hold a town blood drive."

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