Mixed-race Alabama neighborhood hit with KKK recruitment flyers on eve on MLK Day
Mobile resident Tricia Butts - LIve 15 TV screen grab

Mobile, Alabama residents were shocked to find flyers from the KKK littering their lawns on the night before Martin Luther King Day, wishing the civil rights icon a "Happy Birthday" -- along with information on how to join the Klan, reports Local 15 TV.

Tucked into sandwich bags and left on front lawns, the flyers included a picture of the late Dr. King along with a phone number to get information on the Klan from the Loyal White Knights.

A call to the number returned a recording attacking King and African-Americans.

Part of the flyer message -- below "We have a dream too" -- states: "The blacks have NAACP, the Mexicans have La Raza, the Jews have JDL, and white people have the KKK."

According to locals in the neighborhood, the flyers began mysteriously turning up on lawns beginning late Saturday.

"I saw what was in it, some cards and a little flyer. I picked it up and read it and it pretty much shocked me," said one man who asked not to be identified. "It was like a recruitment card you know that people could join this order of the Ku Klux Klan. I just took it as a learning experience, that we still have a long way to go in our race relations."

One neighbor, Tricia Butts, was equally stunned, "Luckily I didn't get one on my door. I think a neighbor must have come by and grabbed it before we could see it, but I'm kind of shocked to see something like that on our street."

Cradling her child in her arms, Butts added, "I don't want my children to see something like that. My children are loved and they are safe and that's what is important to us. To see a message like that is very contrary to what we believe."

Watch the video blow from Live 15 TV: