Rush Limbaugh: Sanders fears attacking Clinton because Hillary might order 'two gunshots in his head'
Rush Limbaugh speaks to Fox News on Sept. 15, 2014 [Fox News]

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh speculated on Tuesday that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was going easy on Hillary Clinton because she might have him murdered and make it look like a suicide.

"You know, not only was Hillary anti-gay marriage, she was anti-gay marriage as recently as 2008 during that campaign, folks," Limbaugh recalled. "She was also pro-Iraq War. She voted for the Iraq War."

The right-wing talker noted that Sanders had failed to effectively use those issues in his campaign.

"Poor crazy Bernie has tried to make that point," Limbaugh opined. "Crazy Bernie just does not make it forcefully enough."

He added: "Crazy Bernie knows, I mean, he doesn't want to be the kind of guy that dies by virtue of suicide with two gunshots in his head. So he's playing it close to the vest."

Limbaugh's conspiracy theory comes after years of suggesting that Clinton had Vince Foster murdered while she was first lady.

Listen to the audio below from The Rush Limbaugh Show, uploaded by Media Matters.