See why this local TV anchor just compared Donald Trump to McDonald's French fries
News anchor Michael Benny interviews Tom Dadey (Screenshot/CBS5)

A local newsman in New York on Thursday compared the leading Republican presidential candidate to McDonald's French fries.

CBS5 anchor Michael Benny was interviewing Onondaga County Republican Party Chairman Tom Dadey, who recently endorsed Donald Trump for president.

The interview began with a discussion of Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Dadey complained that we "have a very porous border, not only in Mexico but on the northern border." Regarding Muslim refugees, Dadey suggested that Trump didn't really want to ban people for their religion -- he was just starting "from a position of negotiating."

"He has hit a nerve," Dadey explained. "He is leading in all the polls, not only nationally but in the three key early states."

Benny then compared Trump to fast food.

"Isn't hitting a nerve one thing? Like, McDonald's French fries hit nerves with me. I love them. They taste so good going down. But most people know you can't live on McDonald's French fries."

Watch the interview, via, below: