Seth Meyers: Iran prisoner swap shows GOP will 'sh*t all over' anything Obama does
Seth Meyers (NBC)

Iran agreed to release four American prisoners over the weekend -- but that wasn't good enough for Obama-hating Republicans.

Republicans have been complaining for months that President Barack Obama hadn't done enough to secure their release, but Seth Meyers noticed they started complaining as soon as the president announced the deal.

"Of course, a good day for Obama only lasts seven minutes before Republicans shit all over it," said Seth Meyers. "Which they did, because Republicans were outraged Obama traded seven Iranian prisoners to get the Americans back."

Donald Trump complained that the U.S. gave up seven prisoners while Iran released just four, but Meyers said the GOP frontrunner -- "in classic Trump fashion" -- later claimed his public pressure had spurred Obama's accomplishment.

"It's a terrible deal we should be ashamed of -- and not to brag, it was my idea and you should thank me for it," Meyers said, imitating Trump's accent.

Trump denied over the weekend that he'd claimed those prisoners would never be released under Obama -- even though video shows he did just that.

"Another contradiction from America's favorite contra-dickhead," Meyers said.

Watch the entire segment posted online by Late Night With Seth Meyers: