The FBI has announced that three more militants have been arrested at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and have been charged with felony conspiracy to impede federal officers.

The Oregonian identifies the three men as Jason Patrick, Duane Leo Ehmer and Dylan Wade Anderson. Ehmer's horse is also reportedly in "custody." Two of the men were featured in a Raw Story piece published on January 23, 2016.

From the FBI statement regarding the arrests, via Gawker:

In the hours prior to the checkpoints, several vehicles are known to have left the area. Since the establishment of checkpoints, a total of eight people have left the refuge. Of those, the FBI released five and arrested three.

At approximately 3:30 pm, the FBI made probable cause arrests of Duane Leo Ehmer, age 45, of Irrigon, Oregon, and Dylan Wade Anderson, age 34, of Provo, Utah. At approximately, 7:40 pm, agents made a probable cause arrest of Jason S. Patrick, age 43, of Bonaire, Georgia.

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