Trevor Noah finally impressed with Donald Trump for 'making Ted Cruz look like a d*ck'
Trevor Noah - Comedy Central

While admitting he's not big Donald Trump fan, Daily Show Trevor Noah gave credit where credit is due by applauding the blustery billionaire for making Texas Sen. Ted Cruz look "like a dick" at the last GOP debate.

Noah noted that the tension between the two is "like your typical American divorce; long, messy, and two people who affectionately stood by each other, couldn't stand each other."

Sharing a clip from the debate where Cruz lambasted New York for being pro-gay and pro-choice, Noah sat back and watched Trump talk about New Yorkers who bounced back after 9/11 -- causing Cruz to have to applaud along with the Charleston debate audience.

Noah claimed he had never been more impressed with Trump than when he made "Ted Cruz look like a dick.”

"Because Trump brought up 9/11," Noah explained. "Cruz had to stand there and applaud Trump while he does it. That's like getting a guy to cheer for you as you make love to his wife."

Watch the video below from Comedy Central: