Trevor Noah: It's 'f*cked up' that I can't say 'holy sh*t' when Carly Fiorina tricks kids into anti-abortion lecture
Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)

Trevor Noah noted the irony that Carly Fiorina could tell a roomful of unwitting pre-schoolers preposterous tales about harvesting body parts from aborted fetuses, but he can't even use profanity on late-night basic cable.

The Republican presidential candidate is accused of "ambushing" the youngsters, who were on a field trip to a botanical garden, by ushering them into an anti-choice rally scheduled at the same time.

"Holy shit," Noah said. "You know what's crazy is, Carly Fiorina can say that to a roomful of pre-schoolers, and I can't say, 'Holy shit, Carly,' without being bleeped. That's f*cked up."

Noah asked his audience to imagine being a parent who believes their young child is on a field trip to look at flowers, and then turning on the news to see a GOP presidential candidate hectoring them at an anti-abortion event.

"Carly Fiorina spends all her time preaching about protecting unborn children, but clearly born children are fair game," he added. "She's like, 'Bring them in -- it's time that they know.'"

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